In Southeast Asia, Kratom is abundantIts leaves are known to relieve pain as they have psychotropic and opioid-like properties. In places where kratom is popular, people often use it to treat diarrhea, cough, fatigue, and other types of discomfort.  

Increasing interest in using this drug as an alternative to opioid pain relievers has been shown by individuals in the United States. Others use kratom to experience results that are psychotropicWhile kratom is currently legal in the United States, due to a number of potential safety issues, it is listed by the DEA as a drug of concern. 


While some people use kratom as an alternative to prescription pain drugs like opioids, very few studies have investigated how it affects the body. The United States government, particularly the FDA has not approved its medical use.  


The Benefits of Kratom 


Kratom, especially at high doses, can cause adverse reactions. This includes seizures, tremor, psychosis, and other severe toxic effects. People with medical conditions and those taking drugs at the moment may have a higher risk of adverse kratom reactions. The FDA does not regulate or limit the dosage or purity use of kratom supplements. Kratom has several effects on the body that are dose-dependent.  


In the many ways that people use kratom leaves, smoking them is possibly one of the most popular methods. However, they can also be like chewed, boiled like tea, crushed and then swallowed.  


The stimulant effects of kratom can be observed at very small doses of 1 to 5 grams. When kratom act as a stimulant, it gives users more energy. They can feel awake, alert, social, and conversational. Its sedative effects occur at higher doses, which is around 5 to 15 grams. Kratom can sedate the whole body. This is close to the effects of opioids that make users feel relaxed, too comfortable, and euphoric. 


The Side Effects of Kratom 


People who tend to take higher doses to treat severe symptoms of cough, vomiting, or withdrawal are at the risk of adverse reactions. Doses of more than 15 g, can make a person very relaxed and sedated to the point of losing consciousness, 


Kratom overdose is possibleand its effects is similar to opioid drugs. Kratom’s overdose can cause extreme sedation and loss of awareness. This is common in people who are also taking other sedative medications. In rare cases, acute liver damage maybe caused by kratom overdose. 


Symptoms of damage to the liver include fatigue, nausea, itchiness, dark urine, and jaundiceMost people can’t recover entirely from liver damage after they started to use kratom. There are also some deaths linked to the use of kratoms. 


What You Should Do  


If you are taking additional medications, such as antidepressants or mood stabilizers, the risk of life-threatening problems associated with the use of kratom tends to be higher for you. Although kratom is legal in the United States, it poses serious threats, especially to people with medical conditions and those who take medicines otherwise. 


While it may have some beneficial medical properties, its use is backed by little research. If you want to try kratom, you should be aware of the risks and first speak to a doctor. But once you got that cleared, then you can easily find kratom Carlsbad.