The installation and choice of drywall is dependent on the place where it is going to be installed. If you do not know, there are several types of drywall that you can choose from according to the expert, painting and drywall repair in Raleigh NC 

According to your needs, drywall installing companies will advise you to get the type of drywall that your home or space needs. Do not attempt to use a drywall that is not good for your home or your space because it can affect how your space may look and it can also differ in price.  

Below are the list of drywalls that you can choose from depending on your needs: 

  1. Green Board Drywall – this type of drywall does not allow moisture to enter in the space, based on the name of this drywall, it has a green tint that also helps with its true purpose which is to avoid the moisture on your home or space. Although you need to keep in mind that avoiding moisture is different from avoiding water so if you are planning to soak it in water, this is not the drywall for you. A green board drywall is expensive and if you plan to put it in an area with a lot of water, do not attempt to do it because it will not be beneficial for you or your space.  
  1. White Board Drywall – this is the most common type of drywall that you can find in homes or spaces. This type of drywall is cheaper than most drywalls, hence, it is widely used as of today. You can also get this type of drywall in different levels of thickness; the thickest kind of this type of drywall is up to one (1) inch. White board drywall is separated into four (4) by eight (8) sizes when you purchase them. Before you purchase them, consult professionals if this is good for your space.  
  1. Paperless Drywall – Most drywalls are wrapped in paper but this one is an exception since it has a covering of a fiber glass which protects the boards from the inside to prevent it from degrading or rotting. This type of board does not easily get damaged or even penetrated by molds or moisture. You have to keep in mind that this is on the pricier side because of the benefits that you can get from it when you choose this type of drywall. Paperless drywalls also need a specific technique in installing and only professionals can achieve the installation perfectly.  
  1. Soundproof Drywall – This type of drywall is a little bit tough to handle because it is thicker and more solid. In making this type of drywall, manufacturer make use of wood fibers, polymers, sound transmission class and gypsum. The thickness of this type of drywall is necessary for it to be soundproof. In recording studios, this is the type of wall that they mostly use in order to keep it soundproof.  

Depending on what you need, it is up to you to choose the kind of drywall you put into your home.